What we offer

We will:

* Submit the Full Payment Submission online to HMRC

* Prepare your UK payroll for each payroll period to meet UK employment tax requirements, specifically:

o Calculating the pay as your earn (PAYE) deducations

o Calculating the employees National Insurance Contributions (NIC) deducations

o Calculating the employer’s NIC liabilities

o Calculating statutory payments, for example statutory sick pay or statutory maternity pay

o Calculating other statutory and non-statutory deducations

o Submitting information online to HMRC under RTI for PAYE

We will prepare and send you the following documents for each payrofll period at or before the time of payment:

* Payroll summary report showing the reconciliation from gross to net for each employee and all relevant payroll totals.

* Full Payment Submission (FPS) for taxable pay and payrolled benefits for each employee.

* A payslip for each employee unless not required.

* An Employee Leaving Statement (P45) for each leaver.

* A report showing your PAYE liability, NIC liability and due date for payment.

At the end of the payroll year we will:

* Prepare the final FPS including employer annual declarations and submit this to HMRC after the data to be included therein has been approved by you.

* Prepare and send to you by the statutory due date Form P60 for each employee on the payroll at the year end.

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How we can help

We provide a comprehensive and professional payroll service at a competitive price that will take away the responsibility from you and allow you to focus on running your business.